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Health Care and Chefwear Apparel
Image Care Uniforms About us
Image Care Uniforms has been operating at the same location since April 1st, 1974 in Vancouver. We use various suppliers that combine a rich heritage in ready-to-wear fashion with decades of experience in healthcare apparel to provide the perfect balance of professionalism and fashion.

Our garments are created to be functional and stylish, with generous, consistent fits, and the durability to work as hard as you do.

Our slogan "Does Your Image Matter to You?" is more than just a clever phrase to impress you. What we want to impress upon you is "Your Image Matters to Us!". Your professional image, your connection with your peers and patients can and will make a difference when you show up looking the part. From time to time we will be bringing you articles, not only on how important your physical appearance is, but also demonstrating what kind of impact your professional image can have on your income as well!
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